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El Hongo (Character)
from Predator: Concrete Jungle (2005) (VG)

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Predator: Concrete Jungle (2005) (VG)
El Hongo: Mistress Lucretia, it's me, el Hongo!
Isabella Borgia: I can see that, you fucking moron. What do you want? What is it this time?
El Hongo: The gang bosses, everybody... O Madre, they found them hanging on hooks, like animals. El demonio invisible killed them all, and now he wants me! Mistress... I'm begging you for your help, please God, in my time of greatest need!
Isabella Borgia: El Demonio invisible? In the name of screaming shit, I don't have time for these ignorant ghost stories! Someone is screwing with my business, is that what you're telling me?
El Hongo: There's nobody left alive on the streets to do your business, Mistress! In the name of God once again, I beg you...
Isabella Borgia: You want me to send in the Russians, is that it? I have people here who view murder, torture and rape not as crimes but as Olympic challenges! Is your problem really important enough to set the Machine Men loose on it?
El Hongo: Mistress, I need what help you got... my Matadores are leaving the city like rats... it's el demonio...
Isabella Borgia: No demon you'll never meet is scarier than me, Hongo. I'll help you out but I won't forget you owe me.
El Hongo: Thank you...

El Hongo: HOLY SHIT! What did I smoke?
Girl #1: Huh, too bad. I was starting to enjoy that as much as you were, but something just shorted out my goddamn chameleon suit.
Girl #2: Electromagnetic pulse blew out all the tech.
El Hongo: Then it's here! El demonio! It's gonna kill us all and I didn't get to come!