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Mother (Character)
from Alien (1979)

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Predator: Concrete Jungle (2005) (VG)
Mother: Back then, no one knew what it really was. Newspapers called it the New Way Devil. The Indians even had legends, about it, going back centuries. Stories of an invisible killer. A demon who traveled with the comets, returning in the hottest seasons to hunt its favorite prey: human beings. And it was hot that night in New Way City, the hottest midsummer ever recorded. When Bruno Borgia, God of Gangsters, died.

Mother: And so it began, this tragedy of two worlds, this epic fall and rise of men and monsters, this story of power, revenge and unnatural love...
Mother: The Devil had broken the laws of its own kind; it had made its presence known to its prey in a devastating and humiliating way... and worse, it had survived the exposure. We now know that these creatures are nomadic, bound by strict Clan loyalties, unbreakable taboos. Disgrace and exile were all this one could expect.

Mother: But nothing simply ends; the events of that sweltering night in June sent ripples through time. Because, in its long absence, we humans had dissected the hunting tools our Devil dropped in it's haste, and using what we learned, we made ourselves of a technology unknown to Earth. We created weapons of our own that we turned against the Devils when next they came hunting in the hot season. So they sent it back to atone for the sins of its past and take from us what we had stolen. Back to the city grown from the shattered ruins it had left behind... a city of tomorrow overseen by computer intelligence, driven by advanced alien technology and ruled by a dynasty of crime. What once was New Way City has blossomed into Neonopolis - City of Light.

Mother: Now these shining city facades and mirrored walls of Neonopolis hide deep shadows of their own. We'll never know why the Predator decided to target the Serviteurs. Perhaps in a downtown cult of sacred killers, with their savage devotion to gods of slaughter and magic, it recognized something all too familiar.

Mother: To needlessly panic the herd is the sign of a careless hunter A moments hesitation a century ago allowed the prey to turn against the hunters and all that followed This time the rules of the hunt must be followed Stay of sight until the time is right and then strike with ruthless fury Dishonor is worse than death Move well or die!

Alien (1979)
[Ripley has tried to disengage the Nostromo's self-destruct sequence]
Ripley: Mother! I've turned the cooling unit back on. Mother!
Mother: The ship will automatically destruct in T minus five minutes.
Ripley: You... BITCH!
[smashes computer monitor with flamethrower]

Mother: [over PA] Danger. The emergency destruct system is now activated. The ship will detonate in T minus ten minutes.