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Cpl. Dietrich (Character)
from Aliens (1986)

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Aliens (1986)
Private Drake: They ain't paying us enough for this, man.
Corporal Dietrich: Not enough to have to wake up to your face, Drake.
Private Drake: What? Is that a joke?
Corporal Dietrich: Oh, I wish it were.

Corporal Dietrich: Looks like some sort of secreted resin.
Corporal Hicks: Yeah, but secreted from what?

Private Hudson: [reading a motion detector] I got signals. I got readings, in front and behind.
Private Frost: Where, man? I don't see shit.
Corporal Hicks: He's right. There's nothin' back here.
Private Hudson: Look, I'm telling ya, there's somethin' movin' and it ain't us! Tracker's off scale, man. They're all around us, man. Jesus!
Corporal Dietrich: Maybe they don't show up on infrared at all...
[an alien pounces on her and drags her up to the ceiling]

Lieutenant Gorman: What's her name again?
Corporal Dietrich: Rebecca
Lieutenant Gorman: Now think Rebecca. Concentrate. Just start at the beginnings. Where are your parents? Now look Rebecca, you have to try...
Ripley: Gorman. Give it a rest, why don't you?
Lieutenant Gorman: Total brain lock.
Corporal Dietrich: Physically Bordeline malnutrtion, but not permanent damage.
Lieutenant Gorman: Come on. We are wasting our time.
Ripley: Try this. It's a little hot chocolate. There you go. Oup! That good, huh! Uh oh. I made a clean spot here. Now I 've done it. Guess I'll have to do the whole thing Hard to believe there's a little girl under all this. And a pretty one, too. You don't talk much, do you? I don't know how you managed to stay alive. But you're one brave kid, Rebecca.
Newt: Newt.
Ripley: What'd you say?
Newt: Newt. My name is Newt. Nobody calls me Rebecca except my brother.
Ripley: Newt? I'd like that. I'm Ripley. It's nice to meet you. And who is this ?
Newt: Casey.
Ripley: Hello, Casey. What about your brother? What's his name?
Newt: Timmy
Ripley: Is Timmy around here too? Maybe hiding like you were?... Any sisters ?... Mom and Dad ?... Newt. Look at me. Where are they?
Newt: They're dead, all right? Can I go now?
Ripley: I'm sorry Newt. Don't you think you'd be safer here with us? These people are here to protect you. They're soldiers.
Newt: It won't make any difference...