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Quotes for
Clyde (Character)
from "Pac-Man" (1982)

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Christmas Comes to PacLand (1982) (TV)
Clyde: [The ghosts are chasing Pac Man and his family] Down the hill...
Inky: And after that bum!
Pinky: Look out Pac Man...
Sue: 'Cause here we come!

Inky: [Pac Man and his family had earlier chomped the ghosts causing their disembodied eyes to fly back to their home. They get replacement ghost suits. Inky put on a pair of socks instead of a ghost suit] Ooh, I never knew I had such big feet!
Clyde: Get into your ghost suit before you get a REAL sock!
Inky: Whoa!
[He goes in the closet and gets a suit]
Sue: I'm getting sick and tired of that Pac-nerd always getting the best of us!
Clyde: Yeah! What we need is a taste of sweet revenge!
Inky: Yeah! I say we net him-like this! He throws a net over Clyde.
Clyde: Hey!
Pinky: And then we can drench him in chocolate sauce-like this!
[He pours chocolate sauce all over Clyde]
Clyde: What?!
[Spitting and gurgling]
Pinky: And then we can chomp all over him-like THIS!
[Pinky, Blinky, and Inky proceed to chomp Clyde. His eyes stare back at them angrily]

Clyde: Forget it Pac-Man! Your clever talk ain't going to get you out of this mess!
Pac-Man: Oh wait, you don't understand. I'm not doing this for me. Just think of the millions of deserving children around the world who won't get their Christmas presents. If you open your mouths instead of your hearts.
[Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Sue start crying]
Clyde: Ah, what a bunch of humbug!
Inky: Aw!
Inky: Give the guy a break Clyde!
Pinky: Yeah!
Pinky: Think of all the little kids Clyde!
Sue: And the big kids too Clyde!
Clyde: Alright already!
[to Pac-Man]
Clyde: Just this once Pac-Man. But remember, when Christmas is over we will be back!
Pac-Man: Oh thanks! You won't regret this!

Pac-Man: [hands gifts to the Ghost Monsters] Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, Sue.
Clyde: Why, I-I don't know what to say.
Pac-Baby: How about "thank you"?
Ghost Monsters: Th-th-th-thank you.
Pac-Man: Aw, don't thank us. Thank Santa Claus.
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good chomp.

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
Wreck-It Ralph: Sometimes I think, man, it sure must be nice being the good guy.
[Bad-Anon members applaud]
Clyde: Nice share, Ralph. We've all felt what you're feeling and we've come to terms with it.
Wreck-It Ralph: Really?
Zangief: Right here. I'm Zangief, I'm bad guy.
Bad-Anon Members: Hi Zangief.
Zangief: I relate to you, Ralph. When I hit bottom, I was crushing man's skull like sparrow's egg, between my thighs... and I think, why you have to be so bad, Zangief? Why can't you be more like good guy? Then I have moment of clarity... if Zangief is good guy, who will crush man's skull like sparrow's eggs between thighs? And I say, Zangief you are bad guy, but this does not mean you are *bad* guy.
[Bad-Anon members agree]
Wreck-It Ralph: Right... I'm sorry, you lost me there.
Zombie: Zombie! Bad guy!
Wreck-It Ralph, Bad-Anon Members: Hi Zombie.
Zombie: Zangief saying labels not make you happy. Good, bad, nggghhhh... you must love you.
Cyborg: Yeah!
[Performs a Heart-rip Fatality on Zombie]
Cyborg: Inside here!

Clyde: Question, Ralph. We've been asking you to Bad-Anon for years now, and tonight you finally show up. Why is that?
Wreck-It Ralph: I dunno, I just felt like coming. I mean, I suppose it has something to do with the fact that uh... well, today's the 30th anniversary of my game.
Saitine: Happy anniversary, Ralph.
Wreck-It Ralph: Thanks Satan.
Saitine: Uh, it's "Saitine".
Wreck-It Ralph: Got it. But here's the thing... I don't wanna be the bad guy anymore.
[the Bad-Anon members gasp]
Cyborg: You can't mess with the program, Ralph!
M. Bison: You're not going Turbo, are you?
Wreck-It Ralph: Turbo? No, I'm not going Turbo! Common guys! Is it "Turbo" to want a friend? Or a medal? Or a piece of pie every once and awhile? Is it "Turbo" to want more out of life?
Zombie: Yes.
Clyde: Ralph, Ralph, we get it. But we can't change who we are. The sooner you accept that, the better off your game and your life will be.
Zangief: Hey, one game at a time, Ralph.
Clyde: Now let's close out the with Bad Guy affirmation.
Clyde, Saitine, Cyborg, M. Bison, Zombie, Zangief, Bad-Anon Members: I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be then me.

"Pac-Man: Presidential Pac-Nappers/Picnic in PacLand (#1.1)" (1982)
[Pinky changes himself into a balloon and carries the Yellow House while floating in the air]
Clyde: [to Pac-Man] We're taking you for a little ride!
[laughs evilly]
Clyde: And if you don't tell us were the power forest is, Pinky lets go!
Blinky: Oh, if Pinky lets go what happens to us?
Clyde: Don't ask dumb questions!

Pac-Man: [after crashing to the ground] Next time I take a ride like that, I'm bringing a parachute!
Clyde: There aint going to be any next time Pac-Man, cause we're gonna chomp all over you!
[Ms. Pac-Man arrives]
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: That's what you think creepos!
Sue: It's Ms. Pac-Man!
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: [patting Pac-Man on the head] Are you alright, Packy darling?
Pac-Man: Well, I was feeling a bit run down, but now that you're here Pepper, I'm feeling much better!
Clyde: Good, now we can chomp both of yous!
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: I wouldn't be to sure about that!

"Awesome: Pac-Awesome (#1.5)" (2007)
[Clyde returns to the ghosts home after getting chomped by Pac-Man]
Pinky: Wow dude, you suck!
Clyde: SHUT THE F**K UP!
[Clyde bites Pinky's head off. Pinky dies]

"Pac-Man: A Bad Case of the Chomps/Goo-Goo at the Zoo (#1.12)" (1982)
Blinky, Sue, Clyde, Inky, Pinky: [singing, from "A Bad Case of the Chomps"] We'll chomp old Pac Man, chomp him day and night! You chomp his left side, we'll chomp his right!

Pac-Man World 3 (2005) (VG)
Clyde: [locked in a cage] Excuse me, Munchy!
Pac-Man: Did I just hear something, tiny squeak?
Clyde: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The big red ghost gets himself all caged up so the yellow fella gets to mock! Go on then, Munchy! Mock away!

"Pac-Man: The Abominable Pac-Man/The Bionic Pac-Woman (#1.9)" (1982)
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: [the Ghost Monsters are discussed as filmmakers] Oh gosh, isn't this exiting Packy? Me in the movies!
Pac-Man: I don't know Pepper. There's something about those guys I don't like.
Blinky: Ms. Pac-Man screen test, take one.
[snaps the film clapper]
Pac-Man: Hey, how did you know her name?
[Blinky's disguise falls off]
Pac-Man, Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: The Ghost Monsters!
[Blinky snaps the film clapper on Pac-Man's nose]
Clyde: Action!
[the camera shoots a laser at Ms. Pac-Man]
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: Packy, help!
[Ms. Pac-Man gets sucked into the camera]

"Pac-Man: Journey to the Center of PacLand/Invasion of the Pac-Pups (#1.6)" (1982)
Clyde: [In Journey to the center of PacLand, the ghost monsters are chasing Pac Man] Little Pac Man had to scram...
Pinky: So he would not get whomped.
Sue: But everywhere that Packy ran...
Inky: The ghost monsters chomped and chomped!

"Pac-Man: Super Ghosts/The Pac-Man in the Moon (#1.5)" (1982)
[from 'The Pac-Man in the Moon']
Sue: [the Ghost Monsters are chasing Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man] Roses are red...
Clyde: Pac Man is yella.
Pinky: Let's open wide...
Inky: And chomp on that fella!

"Pac-Man: Nighty Nightmares/The Pac-Mummy (#1.13)" (1982)
Blinky, Sue, Clyde, Inky, Pinky: [in "The Pac-Mummy", the Ghost Monsters are chasing Pac Man]
[singing to the tune of "Camptown Races"]
Blinky, Sue, Clyde, Inky, Pinky: We'll be chasing little Packy all day long! We'll be chasing little Packy all day long! We'll be chasing little Packy, and we'll chomp him till he's wacky! We'll be chasing little Packy all day long!

"Pac-Man: Pacula/Trick-or-Chomp (#1.4)" (1982)
[from 'Trick-or-Chomp']
Clyde: [the Ghost Monsters are chasing Pac Man and his family through the corridors of the Haunted House] We're gonna chomp, chomp, chomp...
Pinky: On your bones, bones, bones.
Inky: We're gonna laugh "ha-ha"...
Sue: At your groans, groans, groans!