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Pac-Man (Character)
from "Pac-Man" (1982)

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Pac-Man World 3 (2005) (VG)
Ms. Pac-Man: Pac, get down from there! Your not 24 anymore you know.
Pac-Man: But... I'm not doing anything!

Pac-Man: I'm in some sort a landfill pit there's green goo, some thrashing junk, and it smells really bad here... really!
Orson: [over intercom] Oh you down there. Eww! Rather you than me. Make your way upwards. I'll try to think of someway to help.
Pac-Man: What about the monsters? There's usually monsters at times like this.

Clyde: [locked in a cage] Excuse me, Munchy!
Pac-Man: Did I just hear something, tiny squeak?
Clyde: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The big red ghost gets himself all caged up so the yellow fella gets to mock! Go on then, Munchy! Mock away!

Pac-Man: Oh well. At least this birthday is still better than my 20th.

Christmas Comes to PacLand (1982) (TV)
Clyde: Forget it Pac-Man! Your clever talk ain't going to get you out of this mess!
Pac-Man: Oh wait, you don't understand. I'm not doing this for me. Just think of the millions of deserving children around the world who won't get their Christmas presents. If you open your mouths instead of your hearts.
[Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Sue start crying]
Clyde: Ah, what a bunch of humbug!
Inky: Aw!
Inky: Give the guy a break Clyde!
Pinky: Yeah!
Pinky: Think of all the little kids Clyde!
Sue: And the big kids too Clyde!
Clyde: Alright already!
[to Pac-Man]
Clyde: Just this once Pac-Man. But remember, when Christmas is over we will be back!
Pac-Man: Oh thanks! You won't regret this!

Pac-Man: [hands gifts to the Ghost Monsters] Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, Sue.
Clyde: Why, I-I don't know what to say.
Pac-Baby: How about "thank you"?
Ghost Monsters: Th-th-th-thank you.
Pac-Man: Aw, don't thank us. Thank Santa Claus.
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good chomp.

"Pac-Man: The Pac-Love Boat/The Great Power-Pellet Robbery (#1.11)" (1982)
Pac-Man: Hey, I think I'll go for a swim. Want to come Pepper?
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: Oh, no thanks Packy. You go ahead.

"Pac-Man: A Bad Case of the Chomps/Goo-Goo at the Zoo (#1.12)" (1982)
Pac-Man: Chomp-Chomp, will you fetch my toolbox, huh?
[proceeds to go to the garage to get Pac-Man's toolbox. He returns it to Pac-Man]
Pac-Man: Good boy, now give me the wrench.
[Chomp-Chomp nods, then gives him a hammer]
Pac-Man: No, no, not the hammer! I want the wrench!
[Chomp-Chomp drops the hammer on Pac-Man's foot]
Pac-Man: YEEEOW!
[the faucet continues to clog]
Pac-Man: [to Chomp-Chomp] This is a wrench!

"Robot Chicken: Stone Cold Steve Cold Stone (#7.13)" (2014)
[Pac-Man is teaching a class in front of some Pac-Children]
Pac-Man: The female anatomy looks like this.
[Pac-Man shows a photo of Ms. Pac-Man who has a pink bow on her head. The Pac-Kid's start to giggle]
Pac-Man: Come on guys, let's try to be mature here.
Pac-Kid: [referring to the bow] It's pink.

"Robot Chicken: Fool's Goldfinger (#5.19)" (2011)
Pac-Man: [singing] Please don't judge me, I *bleep*. I chase ghosts down the hall. You'd never guessed, I'm obsessed with munching on the balls. Ohh!

"Pac-Man: Presidential Pac-Nappers/Picnic in PacLand (#1.1)" (1982)
Pac-Man: [after crashing to the ground] Next time I take a ride like that, I'm bringing a parachute!
Clyde: There aint going to be any next time Pac-Man, cause we're gonna chomp all over you!
[Ms. Pac-Man arrives]
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: That's what you think creepos!
Sue: It's Ms. Pac-Man!
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: [patting Pac-Man on the head] Are you alright, Packy darling?
Pac-Man: Well, I was feeling a bit run down, but now that you're here Pepper, I'm feeling much better!
Clyde: Good, now we can chomp both of yous!
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: I wouldn't be to sure about that!

"Pac-Man: The Abominable Pac-Man/The Bionic Pac-Woman (#1.9)" (1982)
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: [the Ghost Monsters are discussed as filmmakers] Oh gosh, isn't this exiting Packy? Me in the movies!
Pac-Man: I don't know Pepper. There's something about those guys I don't like.
Blinky: Ms. Pac-Man screen test, take one.
[snaps the film clapper]
Pac-Man: Hey, how did you know her name?
[Blinky's disguise falls off]
Pac-Man, Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: The Ghost Monsters!
[Blinky snaps the film clapper on Pac-Man's nose]
Clyde: Action!
[the camera shoots a laser at Ms. Pac-Man]
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: Packy, help!
[Ms. Pac-Man gets sucked into the camera]

"Pac-Man: Southpaw Packy/Pac-Baby Panic (#1.3)" (1982)
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: What's up Packy?
Pac-Man: Ahh! Oh, it's only you Pepper.
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: What have you got in the sack, Pac?
Pac-Man: Shh. There super powered power pellet seeds.
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: Super powered power pellet seeds?
Pac-Man: Shh! If Mezmeron and his Ghost Monsters ever found these, they could grow there own super powered power pellet forest.
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: Oh my!
[Pac-Man hides the sack under his bed]

"Pac-Man: Super Ghosts/The Pac-Man in the Moon (#1.5)" (1982)
[from 'The Pac-Man in the Moon']
Inky: Gosh, there ain't no hiding places around here, nowhere. I know.
[he pulls a door out from his ghost suit, sets it down, opens it, enters and closes it]
Pac-Man: [comes up to the door and knocks] Knock knock.
Inky: Who's there?
Pac-Man: Chomp.
Inky: Chomp who?
Pac-Man: Chomp you!
[he opens the door and enters]
Inky: [screams] Yiiiieeee!
[Pac Man chomps him, his disembodied eyes then fly off]

"Pac-Man: Pacula/Trick-or-Chomp (#1.4)" (1982)
Ms. Pac-Man: This is Pac-Baby's first Halloween. I just know he's going to love it!
Pac-Man: Yeah. Pac-Baby should feel right at home.

"Pac-Man: The Great Pac-Quake/Hocus Pocus Pac-Man (#1.2)" (1982)
Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man: Did I hear Pac-Baby call? You didn't let him wander in the yard and catch cold, did you?
Pac-Man: Of course not dear. That was me. I sneezed.