Danny Archuleta
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Danny Archuleta (Character)
from Predator 2 (1990)

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Predator 2 (1990)
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: [reviewing the reports about the dead gang members in the opening shootout] All right Danny Boy, what have we got?
Danny Archuleta: What have we got? Five low life Scorpions make it into the building, the next minute they're all shish kebab, not one bullet wound.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Well, it wasn't for drugs or money, there's a shitload of that for the taking. Maybe King Willie brought in some outside talent. He's making his big move.
Danny Archuleta: A pro would have split the moment he heard the action. More than one we would have seen them. Whoever did this waited until the last minute, and then took out five guys armed with machine guns by hand -ha!-, then got by us. Maybe we should give him a job and put him on the payroll.