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Quotes for
Vriess (Character)
from Alien Resurrection (1997)

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Alien Resurrection (1997)
Johner: Hey, Vriess, you got a socket wrench? Maybe she just needs an oil change. Can't believe I almost fucked it.
Vriess: Yeah, like you never fucked a robot.

[when the Betty hits Earth's atmosphere]
Johner: What's burning?
Vriess: Us!
Johner: Shit! You're right!

Johner: Well, I say if we wanna make any decent time, I say we ditch the cripple.
[to Vriess]
Johner: No offense, man.
Vriess: [giving him the finger] None taken!

Vriess: [Strapped to Christie's back, about to traverse the flooded kitchen] Hey Christie, do me a favour. When we hit the surface on the other side, no backstroke, okay!