Leona Cantrell
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Leona Cantrell (Character)
from Predator 2 (1990)

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Predator 2 (1990)
Leona Cantrell: First Danny, then King Willie, and you were right there. He's playing with you Mike. You gotta be careful.

Leona Cantrell: Mike. Mike, goddamn it. This ain't your personal little war, you know. I loved Danny too.

Leona Cantrell: So, what happened to El Scorpio?
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Oh, he's out front having lunch.

Jerry Lambert: [noticing footage on a subway public television of himself assaulting Tony Pope] H-Hey, it's me! I look great!
Leona Cantrell: Oh, shut up.
Jerry Lambert: [to elderly man recognizing him from the footage] No autographs Pop.

Leona Cantrell: I have heard about you.
Jerry Lambert: Yeah?
Leona Cantrell: Yeah. Like your last partner got shot.
Jerry Lambert: What?
Leona Cantrell: Well...
Leona Cantrell: [grabs Jerry's testicles] Try that cowboy shit with me, fucker, and you can kiss these goodbye.

Leona Cantrell: Hey, are your balls okay?
Jerry Lambert: Fine. How are yours?