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Captain Phil Heinemann (Character)
from Predator 2 (1990)

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Predator 2 (1990)
Captain Phil Heinemann: You let me down, Mike. You're making me look bad. I thought we had an understanding. I put my ass on the line to get you here, and all I expect is a little cooperation! Now you were told that this was a federal matter, yet you disobeyed a direct order to stay out of the building.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Don't let this get out, Phil, but it's a fuckin' war down here.
Captain Phil Heinemann: You're a soldier, and you take orders. Now don't push it.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: We're fighting for our lives down there, and you're downtown pushin' pencils and kissing ass! I don't roll over for anybody, especially for the feds, without a goddamn good explanation!

Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Hey, what the hell's going on here, Heinemann?
Captain Phil Heinemann: Insubordination, disregard for direct orders from a supervising officer! Now get back to your cage at Alvarado!
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: I'll show you insubordination, you son of a bitch!