Peter Keyes
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Peter Keyes (Character)
from Predator 2 (1990)

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Predator 2 (1990)
Peter Keyes: How many times do I have to tell you? You don't know what you're dealing with.
[clicks on computer]
Peter Keyes: There's your killer. Wonderful isn't it? Pheromone signatures left by his body. These are scent molecules.
[to worker]
Peter Keyes: Punch up for me. Ten years ago one of his kind stalked and eliminated an elite special forces crew in central America. There were two survivors. They indicated that when trapped, the creature activated a self-destruct device that destroyed enough rainforest to cover 300 city blocks. Remarkable weaponry. That's right lieutenant. Other-world life-forms.

Peter Keyes: Finally. Grab a seat. Enjoy the show. This is history.

Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: [grabbing Keyes and violently pinning him against the wall] Listen, shithead. I don't give a fuck who you really are or what you want with this asshole... because now it's personal, and he's a dead man.
Peter Keyes: The concept of what you're dealing with is way over your head. I'm warning you...
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: You!
[shoving Keyes back against the wall]
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: You don't know what you're dealing with... and i'm warning you: stay the fuck out of my way!

Peter Keyes: It's taken us over two weeks to learn his patterns. He comes here every two days to feed. Seems he has a taste for beef.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: I didn't think he was a vegetarian.
Peter Keyes: Well, we've prepared a trap for this predator.