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Quotes for
Paulie Gatto (Character)
from The Godfather (1972)

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The Godfather (1972)
Clemenza: Damn it, Sonny's running scared. He's thinking of going to the matresses already. We got to go pick up some stuff at this address. You know any good spots on the west side?
Paulie Gatto: Yeah, I'll think about it.
Clemenza: Well, think about it while you're driving, will ya? I wanna hit New York sometime this month. And watch out for the kids when you're backing out!

[Paulie enters the Corleones' study]
Sonny: What is it?
Clemenza: Hey, Paulie, I thought I told you to stay put.
Paulie Gatto: The guy at the gate says there's a package.
Sonny: Yeah? Hey, Tessio, go see what it is.
Paulie Gatto: You want me to hang around?
Sonny: Yeah, hang around. You all right?
Paulie Gatto: [coughing] Yeah, yeah...
Sonny: You hungry? There's a little food in the ice box.
Paulie Gatto: Nah, nah.
Sonny: Well, how about a drink? Some brandy, it'll sweat it out of ya. Alright, babe...
[Paulie leaves]
Sonny: [to Clemenza] I want you to take care of that sonofabitch right away. Paulie sold out the old man, that stronz. I don't want to see him no more. I want you to make that first thing on your list, understand?
Clemenza: Understood.

The Godfather: The Don's Edition (2007) (VG)
Kevin Noonan: [being forced into an open grave] Please... I won't do it again.
Paulie Gatto: Oh we know you won't do it again.
[clubs him with the shovel]
Paulie Gatto: Good night, sweetheart.

The Godfather (2006) (VG)
Kevin Moonan: [standing in a grave with Paulie, Monk and The Player Trapani throwing dirt on him] Please. I won't do it again.
Paulie Gatto: Oh, we know you ain't gonna do it again. You should of learned to treat the dames a little nicer and with a little respect.