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Subhash Nagre 'Sarkar' (Character)
from Sarkar (2005)

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Sarkar (2005)
[from trailer]
Subhash Nagare 'Sarkar': There are no rights and wrongs. Only power...

Subhash Nagare 'Sarkar': Power is gained by joining people together, not by making them go against you.

Shankar Nagre: [discussing his business abroad] Everything is fine, my partner and I are doing well...
Subhash Nagare 'Sarkar': Your partner's name is Pooja, isn't it?
[Everything freezes and the tension begins to build, as Shankar slowly faces his father]
Shankar Nagre: Yes.
Subhash Nagare 'Sarkar': When will you introduce her to us?
Shankar Nagre: Whenever you have the time.
[the tension is relieved, and father and son exchange awkward grins]

Subhash Nagare 'Sarkar': [to one of his minions] When this gentleman hears that person's name again, I want to see a smile on his face. I do not want to know who it is.