Fredo Corleone
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Biography for
Fredo Corleone (Character)
from The Godfather (1972)

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Fredo Corleone (1919-1959) is the middle son of Don Vito Corleone and Carmella Corleone.

Siblings: Santino Corleone (1916-1948) (assassination) Tom Hagen (1910-1964) (murder) Michael Corleone (1920-1997) (age) Connie Corleone.

Fredo Corleone was born in 1919 in Hell's Kitchen, New York City, New York to Vito and Carmella Corleone. In 1920, Fredo had pneumonia that lasted throughtout the year. He first realized the truth of his father's business in the 1930s. His father ran the most powerful crime syndicate in New York City and in 1936, Fredo joined the business. In 1945, Don Vito survived an attempt on his life in which Fredo witnessed. Because of it, a war broke out that led to the death of his older brother Santino. The war ended in 1948 and Don Vito retired the year after. His younger brother Michael became the Don. The family moved to Nevada in 1955 after the death of his father Don Vito. The business ruled casinos in Las Vegas and supported the government in Cuba. In 1958, Fredo betrayed his family by working with the enemy. Because of his misdeeds, he was banned from the business forever. In 1959, his younger brother ordered his assassination.

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