Vincent Mancini
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Vincent Mancini (Character)
from The Godfather: Part III (1990)

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The Godfather: Part III (1990)
Vincent Mancini: Don Lucchesi, you are a man of finance and politics. These things I don't understand.
Don Lucchesi: You understand guns?
Vincent Mancini: Yes.
Don Lucchesi: Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.

Vincent Mancini: [in the helicopter] I'd like to take Joey Zasa up in one of these and drop him.
Michael Corleone: Joey Zasa is nothing. He's a small-time enforcer. He bluffs, threats, but nothing. You can see him coming a mile away.
Vincent Mancini: We should kill him before he kills...
Michael Corleone: No! Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.

Michael Corleone: [after learning of Zasa's assassination] Don't ever give an order like that again. Not while I'm alive.
Vincent Mancini: Uncle Mike, it had to be done. You were too sick to make a decision. I got the go ahead from Neri and Connie.
Michael Corleone: Connie.
Vincent Mancini: It was the right thing to do.
Michael Corleone: It was not the right thing to do. I command this family, right or wrong. It was not what I wanted! Understand?
Vincent Mancini: Yes.
[Michael looks at Neri]
Al Neri: Yes.
[Michael looks at Connie for a long time]
Connie: Yes!
Michael Corleone: Vincent, help me to my bed. I want to talk to you alone.
Michael Corleone: [Vincent helps Michael into his bed] My brother, your father, he and I. Opposites. But I never doubted his love. He would do anything for me. But his temper. Clouded his judgement. I don't want to see the same thing happen to you.

Joey Zasa: The Miucci association and elected you their Italian American man of the year.
[hands Michael a plaque]
Michael Corleone: Oh, Miucci. Who's Miucci?
Joey Zasa: He's the Italian American who invented the telephone. He did it one year before Alexander Graham Bell.
Michael Corleone: Oh. And this is the reason you have come to my home on this day.
Joey Zasa: I have a stone in my shoe, Mr. Corleone. A two-bit punk who works for me. Who thinks he's related to you. A bastard.
Al Neri: He's here. Vincent Mancini. He's at the party.
Michael Corleone: Well, bring him in.
Joey Zasa: I think it's good that we talk. I have a problem. Now I have to find out if it is my problem or your problem.
Michael Corleone: Joey, your business is your business. I have no interest, no percentages. I'm out.
Joey Zasa: Good, then it is my problem.
Connie: [Connie and Vincent enter] Michael, you know Vincent Mancini. Sonny's boy.
Vincent Mancini: Hey, how you doin' Mr. Corleone.
Michael Corleone: How you doing.
Vincent Mancini: I'm doin' good. How you doin'?
Michael Corleone: Good.
Vincent Mancini: Nice party.
Michael Corleone: Oh, you like it?
Vincent Mancini: Yeah, I had to sneak in.
Michael Corleone: Well, you dressed for it. What's the trouble between you and Mr. Joe Zasa?
Vincent Mancini: Just trouble. I'll take care of it.
Michael Corleone: That's foolish of you.
Vincent Mancini: Foolish of me? It's a little foolish of this guy don't you think? Right? RIGHT!
Michael Corleone: Temper like his father. Vincent, Mr. Joe Zasa now owns what used to be the Corleone family business in New York. Out of the kindness of his heart he gave you a job with his family. Contrary to my advice you took the job. I offered you something better. Something in the legitimate world. You turned me down. Now you both come to me with this bad blood. What do you expect me to do? Am I a gangster?
Vincent Mancini: No, no, you're not a gangster, Uncle Mike.
Connie: Michael, that's Papa's old neighborhood now it's a sewer. Zasa runs it like a disgrace the ladies told me.

Vincent Mancini: You had a gun. They only had a knife. You could have talked them into surrendering. Turned them over to the police.
Vincent Mancini: Hey, Uncle Mike, Zasa sent these guys I was just sending him a message that's all.
Michael Corleone: Now he has to send you a message back.
Vincent Mancini: Joey Zasa's gonna send me a message? Joey Zasa's gonna send me a message?
Connie: Michael, he did the right thing. He got Zasa's name.
Michael Corleone: What's Joey Zasa got to do this this? Joey Zasa's a patso. Joey Zasa. Alright, you are what you are. It's in your nature. From now on you stick close to me. You don't go anywhere, you don't do anything, you don't talk to anyone without checking with me first, understand?
Vincent Mancini: Yeah.
Michael Corleone: I've got problems with the commission, young man!
Vincent Mancini: Yeah, I know.
Michael Corleone: You don't make them any easier.
Vincent Mancini: I know.
Michael Corleone: Alright, go on. Get out of here.
Connie: Michael.
Michael Corleone: Yes.
Connie: Now they'll fear you.
Michael Corleone: Maybe they should fear you.

Joey Zasa: I earned that territory with my talent. The commission gave it to me. You approved.
Michael Corleone: Yes.
Vincent Mancini: Hey, Uncle Mike, I'm just here for the party. I didn't come here to ask for help. I could just kill this bastard. He's the one who should be asking for help.
Michael Corleone: Then kill him. What does this have to do with me?
Vincent Mancini: Well, he's going around your back saying "fuck Michael Corleone." That's what it has to do with you.
Vincent Mancini: [to Zasa] Say it to his face one time. ONE TIME!
Joey Zasa: Mr. Corleone, all bastards are liars Shakespear wrote poems about them.
Vincent Mancini: What am I gonna do with this guy. WHAT!
Michael Corleone: Joey, if there is someone going around this city saying "fuck Michael Corleone" what do we do with a piece of shit like this? He's a fuckin' dog.
Joey Zasa: Yes, if someone were to say such a thing they would not be a friend, they would be a dog.
Michael Corleone: My interests don't conflict with Mr. Joe Zasa's.
Vincent Mancini: Oh yes they do, Uncle Mike. More than you know.
Connie: Michael, he needs your support!
Vincent Mancini: Hey, Uncle Mike, don't make me work for this guy no more. I come work for you.
Michael Corleone: For me? As what? A tough guy? I don't need tough guys. I need more lawyers. Joey, since we have no conflicts no debts I accept your tribute. I wish you well. Vincent, come make your peace with Mr. Joe Zasa.
Joey Zasa: [Vincent hugs Zasa] Bastarde.
Michael Corleone: [Vincent bites Zasa's ear and Zasa's is taken out of the office] Jesus! Shut it, shut it, shut it.
Vincent Mancini: Hey Uncle Mike this wasn't the time for this. I mean, I know you're into bankers and Wall Street and your word is gold but I just want to protect you from this guy and your lawyers can't do that.
Michael Corleone: But you can.
Vincent Mancini: Yeah, I can.
Michael Corleone: And why should I be afraid of Joe Zasa?
Vincent Mancini: Because he knows you're keeping him from moving up in the commission. I say we make him dead. You give the word and I'll take care of it myself.
Michael Corleone: Maybe you should come with me for a few weeks. See what happens. See how much you learn. Then, we'll talk about your future.
Vincent Mancini: I won't let you down.
Michael Corleone: Alright, go on.

Vincent Mancini: You like to gamble? Why don't we go to Atlantic City? My town. I'll show you how to gamble.
Grace Hamilton: Yeah, but I like to win. How will I know what numbers to pick?
Vincent Mancini: Do I look okay like a guy who's gonna lose?

Vincent Mancini: [Giving instructions in a voiceover] Neri; go to Rome. Light a candle for the archbishop.

Vincent Mancini: Uncle Michael, listen - I know you're into banks and Wall Street, but everyone knows you're the final word, you're like the Supreme Court. All I want to do is protect you from these guys and your lawyers can't do that.

Vincent Mancini: Well you tell him from me, that he can live, or he can die.
Michael Corleone: Vincent, will you SHUT UP!

Mary Corleone: I'll always love you.
Vincent Mancini: Love somebody else.

Vincent Mancini: I am your son. Command me in all things.
Michael Corleone: Give up my daughter. That is the price you pay for the life you choose.

Vincent Mancini: [Vincent has caught one of Zaza's hitmen and is talking to the other] Wait a minute, don't do anything, just watch. I'm going to show you something, just watch, OK?
[shoots the one he is holding]
Vincent Mancini: [killer releases Grace] All right, just relax. Now, tell me; who sent you?
Hired Killer: [still in shock] Joey, Joey Zaza. He sent us to kill you.
Vincent Mancini: Thanks.
[shoots the second killer]