Launchpad McQuack
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Launchpad McQuack (Character)
from "Darkwing Duck" (1991)

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DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990)
Scrooge McDuck: Launchpad! Look what you've done to these ancient ruins!
Launchpad: Well, it could've been worse - it could've been something *new*.

Launchpad: Forward, ho!
[They crash]
Launchpad: Reverse, ho!
Scrooge McDuck: If you don't stop crashing, I'll give you the heave ho!

[during Launchpad's flight in the opening scene]
Scrooge McDuck: Launchpad, is this a stunt you learned in flight school?
Launchpad: Flight school?
Scrooge McDuck: You mean you *never* took flying lessons?
Launchpad: [lunkishly] Well, I took a crash course.
Scrooge McDuck: Now he tells me.

Launchpad: Please put your seats back in an upright position.
Scrooge McDuck: Just put the plane up in an upright position!

Launchpad: I've got the bin at 12:00 high, Mr. McD... give or take 10 minutes.

Huey: I don't see anything, Uncle Scrooge.
Dewey: Not even a mirage.
Launchpad: Maybe we made a wrong turn at that last sand dune.

Scrooge McDuck: Launchpad, get me out of here fast!
Launchpad: Dull party, eh, Mr. McD?
Scrooge McDuck: Just go!

Launchpad: Either the water's getting higher or the roof is getting lower!

Super DuckTales (1989) (TV)
Scrooge McDuck: [about the rocket Launchpad acquired] What's THIS?
Launchpad McQuack: The USS Jumpstart, first rocket with a clutch. Hard to fly, but easy on the pocketbook. Gets 35 lightyears to the gallon.

Launchpad McQuack: Gee, Mr. McD, lighten up. What's more important? A few quadrillion dollars, or your life?
Scrooge McDuck: Is this a multiple choice question?

Launchpad McQuack: Okay, let's see, key in the ignition, pump the throttle, wipers work okay...
Scrooge McDuck: Launchpad, are you sure you can fly this rocket?
Launchpad McQuack: Trust me, I know what I'm doing.
Scrooge McDuck: Clutch, clutch!
Gizmo-Duck: Throttle, throttle!
Launchpad McQuack: Sheesh, backseat astronauts.

Launchpad McQuack: [there's a knock at the door] Uh, we have all the Fuller brushes and girl scout cookies we need!

"DuckTales: Lost Crown of Genghis Khan (#1.45)" (1987)
Launchpad McQuack: [being chased by an amorous Yeti] NO WAY!
[he can be heard from the very outside of the caves, where Scrooge and the nephews are]
Huey Duck: What was that?
Scrooge McDuck: I don't know...

[last lines]
[the Yeti drops Launchpad and chases Standforth]
Scrooge McDuck: [chuckles] Looks like she dumped you, Launchpad!
Launchpad McQuack: Yeah, in more ways than one.

Scrooge McDuck: Launchpad, where are the parachutes?
Launchpad McQuack: In the closet... back at the airport!

"Darkwing Duck: Double Darkwings (#1.22)" (1991)
Launchpad McQuack: [as the Darkwing decoy] I am the error that flaps in the night. I am the surcharge that triples your bill.

Darkwing Duck: I am the terror...
Launchpad McQuack: ...that flaps in the night.

"DuckTales: Dinosaur Ducks (#1.39)" (1987)
Launchpad McQuack: [about a T-rex] He made Mount Everest look like a speed bump!

[last lines]
Launchpad McQuack: It's good you picked a great pilot to rely on, Mr McD!
[the nephews cringe]
Scrooge McDuck: I also picked a plane with an automatic pilot...

"DuckTales: Armstrong (#1.6)" (1987)
[Armstrong clears a rockslide]
Scrooge McDuck: That would have taken YOU the rest of your life!
Launchpad McQuack: Maybe longer.

"Darkwing Duck: Duck Blind (#1.8)" (1991)
Darkwing Duck: [talking about Megavolt] Fortunately, we have a psychological advantage.
Launchpad McQuack: Uh, because we're uh, sane, and he's uh, not?
Darkwing Duck: Nooo, because Megavolt's afraid of me. I've sent him to the electric chair. Twice.

"Darkwing Duck: Let's Get Respectable (#1.49)" (1992)
Darkwing Duck: [very depressed] How could I be so caught up in my own image, so stupid as to let Negaduck trick me?
Launchpad: Ah, you were just being yourself, DW. Any idiot would have done the same thing.
Darkwing Duck: [sarcastically] Thanks, LP.

"Darkwing Duck: Apes of Wrath (#1.6)" (1991)
Launchpad McQuack: [DW and LP are marched into village] Looks like we might have to fight our way out of this one, DW.
Darkwing Duck: Oh contraire, mon flaire. In a time of crisis, one must remain cool, calm, and unflappably civil.
[Jumps on gorilla and shakes its head]
Darkwing Duck: Okay, you big baboon, this is your last chance! *Where's Gosalyn?*
Darkwing Duck: [looks at the camera] Okay, so I don't practice what I preach. I'm a parent, I can get away with it.

"Darkwing Duck: The Quiverwing Quack (#1.61)" (1992)
Launchpad: Aw gee, I hate it when you and Gosalyn are fighting.
Drake Mallard: Well so do I, but was I wrong to stop her? Facing a criminal like Negaduck isn't the typical after school job!
Launchpad: Well, my dad told me: there comes a time when a parent has to start letting go. Because if you hold on too tight, the child could smother, and the little tyke has to start looking out for himself. Because although it really hurts, the biggest thrill is seeing it fly all by itself.
Drake Mallard: Your dad said all that?
Launchpad: Yep! Right before he threw me out and told me to get a job.