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Biography for
Scooter (Character)
from "The Muppet Show" (1976)

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Scooter works backstage during performances of The Muppet Show, often to greet the special guests. He refers to himself as a gofer, meaning that he will go fer the coffee, the sandwiches, or anything you need. He is very efficient at his job. Apparently, his uncle, J.P. Grosse was the original owner of the Muppet Theater. In fact, that's how he got his job in the first place; because Kermit felt it would be bad news not to hire the nephew of the old owner. Scooter used to use this fact to his advantage, sometimes making unfair demands on his uncle's behalf. Soon, however, he eased up and became friends with Kermit. He did his best to help Kermit keep things under control backstage (though seldom to any effect), and sometimes took on a stage manager-like role. He also appeared onstage once in a while.

Scooter is a most unusual looking character, rather orange in skin tone, with a sprout of hair that's an even darker shade of orange. He wears a green track jacket and sports eyeglasses, in the lenses of which his eyes are embedded. He has supposedly stated that his mother was actually a parrot (he never knew his father). His uncle J.P., however, is an actual person, and Scooter himself is meant to be one as well. He is said to be about fourteen years old.

Scooter has appeared in most of the major Muppet productions (though sometimes only briefly, like in Muppets From Space). In The Muppet Movie, he acts as the road manager for the Electric Mayhem. In The Great Muppet Caper, he is one of the many guests at the Happiness Hotel, and in The Muppets Take Manhattan, he graduates with the other Muppets, proposes the idea that they should go their separate ways, and works as an usher at a movie theater in Cleveland for a while. He also plays the assistant to the wizard in The Muppets Wizard of Oz, and it was revealed in Its a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie that had Kermit never been born, he would have been a cage dancer at a wild dance club.

Appearances in literary Muppet Comic books: Muppet Robin Hood (as Much the Miller's Son), Muppet Peter Pan (as John), Muppet King Arthur, Muppet Snow White (as Dopey)

Performed by Richard Hunt.

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