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Professor Keenbean (Character)
from Ri¢hie Ri¢h (1994)

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Ri¢hie Ri¢h (1994)
Professor Keenbean: Hey! Need a new bed pan? I know I do!

Professor Keenbean: [spraying his latest invention on a test dummy] Now, THIS makes any fabric instantly impervious. Dirt proof, stain proof, water proof, and...
[calls out assistant with a gun]
Professor Keenbean: Sherman!
[Sherman nods, as they go behind the glass wall behind, Sherman fires at the dummy who remains unharmed. As they reenter, Keenbean picks out a bullet that is still hot]
Professor Keenbean: Ouch! And bullet proof! It's still not perfected yet! It's hell on the dry-cleaning bill.
Richie Rich: No kidding.

Professor Keenbean: [introducing his latest invention] This baby is the ultimate corrosive. I call it - DON'T TOUCH IT! - I call it "hydrochloricdioxynucleocarbonium". Well, the name needs work. But it'll eat through a Buick! OR -...
Richie Rich: Prison bars.
Professor Keenbean: Exactly.

Professor Keenbean: [taped to a chair] AAAH!
[Ferguson rams Keenbean into wall and starts choking him]
Van Dough: [eating Keenbean's sandwich] Come on, Professor, play nice. You think I'm enjoying this?
Professor Keenbean: [gagging] Yesss.

Professor Keenbean: [while biting into a large deli meat roll] My inventions!