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Biography for
Panic (Character)
from Hercules (1997)

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Panic is a character from the Disney animated movie "Hercules".

He is a demon who, alongside Pain, serves as the hechman to the main villain Hades, Lord of Hell and the Dead.

He is a shapeshifter, able to assume any form.

He first tries to kill Baby Hercules by turning into a snake, but Hercules is already pretty strong and chokes him. Failing that, he gives him a potion that is supposed to turn him into a mortal, but it merely turns him into a demigod (a superpowered human, or "metahuman"). Later, he turns into a little kid and tricks Hercules into fighting the Hydra, but Hercules ends up defeating it. Tired of that, Hades decides to take matters into his own hands and wakes the four Elemental Titans, who prove to be better fighters than either Pain or Panic.

In a humorous scene in the movie, Pain and Panic are standing in front of Hades, wearing Herc Air sandals (a spoof of Nike Air sneakers) and drinking "Herculade" (a spoof of both Gatorade and Powerade).

He appears as a guest in "House of Mouse", and isone of the villains featured in "House of Villains".

He appears in "Hercules: The Series" and all three "Kingdom Hearts" videogames, once again as Hades' henchman.

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