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Biography for
Zeus (Character)
from Clash of the Titans (1981)

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(ZOOS) Son of Cronus (aka Saturn) and Rhea. King of the gods. He was all-powerful. Each of the lesser gods held tenure by his consent. But he chose sky and mountain-top as his special realm. His name meant "bright sky." He married Hera (aka Juno), his elder sister, and honored her beyond all others as queen of the gods. But he had many consorts. He ranged heaven and earth and the depths of the sea for his many women, swiftly changing his shape to escape Hera's vigilance. He appeared to Europa as a bull, Leda as a swan, Leto as a partridge, Danae as a shower of gold, and to Alcmene as her own husband. His wooing was as irresistible as nature itself, his fertility nature's bounty. He bred god, demigod, and hero on those favored with his attentions. King of sky and mountain-top, ruler of god and man, he was father Zeus, omnipotent. He sat on the throne on Olympus under a canopy of clouds, grasping the lightning as his sceptre, and held court among the gods. On certain days of the year he dispensed justice. He heard pleas and mediated quarrels. His opinions were wise and serene, but inflexible; there was no appeal. His will was man's law; his caprice was destiny; the fate of nations hung on his whim. He was sometimes defied- as was the case with Prometheus, who ignored his edict and gave fire to man. He was also sometimes outwitted- by Hera, especially. But his power was great enough to absorb these setbacks and his high dignity was never impaired. In his footfall was thunder. His smile was prosperity; his wrath, catastrophe. Oak and eagle were sacred to him. Zeus was also known as Jupiter.

In "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief", Zeus' Master Bolt is stolen and immediately blames Poseidon (aka Neptune). Soon after, Poseidon claims Percy Jackson as his son, and Zeus believes he had found the means by which Poseidon had stolen his bolt. Outraged, he threatens Poseidon with war unless the bolt is returned to him by the summer solstice. This situation gives Percy a quest to retrieve the bolt. He and his newfound friends, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood, travel across America to do so. They are successful and consequently return to New York by plane. Percy travels to Mount Olympus alone to return the bolt. Percy relates the events of the quest to Zeus and Poseidon, and from there, the two gods conclude that their Kronos (aka Saturn) must be behind the scheme. Zeus, however, refuses to discuss the threat posed by their father. He leaves to purify his bolt in the waters of Lemnos to wash away the human taint that it had received. He compliments Percy and decides to spare his life to show his thanks but states that should Percy ever fly again, he would blast the demigod out of the sky with the bolt.

In "Percy and the Sea of Monsters", Zeus blames Chiron for the poisoning of Thalia's tree, resulting in Chiron being fired, and replaced by Tantalus.

In Disney's "Hercules" and "Hercules: The Series", Zeus along with his wife Hera where celebrating the birth of their newborn son Hercules with their fellow Gods, soon enough Zeus' brother Hades (aka Pluto) arrives and grows worried that the newborn might become a threat to his evil plot, so he consults the Fates who reveal to him that Hercules will indeed foil Hades' plot. Fearing the possibility he sends out his servants Pain and Panic to kidnap the baby Hercules from Zeus' palace give him an evil formula that will turn him mortal thus allowing them to kill him, however Hercules fails to drink the last drop and manages to retain his God-like strength allowing him to easily dispatch Pain and Panic.

Zeus is devastated by the loss of his son and sends out all the Gods to find Hercules however by the time they find him it is too late as Hercules has already been adopted by a kind and loving mortal couple. Zeus would not interact with his son until his teenage years wherein Hercules sought to find out where he came from by going to the temple of Zeus. There the large statue of Zeus is possessed by the real Zeus who proceeds to happily welcome back his long lost son. However he explains that Hercules cannot go back to Mount Olympus as he has lost his Godhood, and the only way to reclaim it is to become a true hero. Hercules goes off and fights off almost every monster and becomes famous. Soon afterwards Hercules returns to the temples of Zeus and tells his father that this is the day he has been waiting for which is rejoining the Gods but Zeus tells his son that being famous isn't the same as being a true hero and that in order to become a true hero he must look inside his heart. Soon Hades takes Hercules' strength away from him and unleashes the Titans and captures Zeus and the other Gods and starts to rule Mount Olympus until Hercules (who's gotten his strength back from when Meg saved his life) shows up and frees his father and destroys the Titans. Hades takes Meg's spirit into the river of death but Hercules (who willing gives up his soul to save Meg) jumps in and rescues her and restores his godhood. After defeating Hades and returning Meg her spirit (to which she returns to life) Hercules is reunited with his parents and is told by Zeus For a true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength but by the strength of his heart. Hercules tells his parents this is the moment he's been waiting for but a life without Meg would be empty and that he wishes to stay on Earth with her to which Zeus and his wife agree. Once Hercules and Meg return to Earth they reunite with Hercules' foster parents and Zeus paints a picture of his son in the stars.

When Hercules is given job that Zeus feels is not worthy, he appeals to the Council of Gods to provide him a worthy job, when Hades suggest working in the Underworld, Zeus laughs it off which angers Hades. To the surprise and dismay of Apollo, Zeus then decides that Hercules would drive the sun chariot. When Hercules loses the sun, Hades convinces the council of the gods to vote to dethrown Zeus and decide on a new king of Mount Olympus. When the sun is returned Zeus finds out that Hades was behind the sun's disappearance which drove him to throw an emergency lighting bolt.

Hercules is having trouble dealing with Adonis, so when he mentions it to his father, Zeus tells him to show him who's in charge. Hercules warns it's not that easy, so to prove him wrong, Zeus spends a day as a teenager; at first as a god, then at Hermes' request, as a mortal. While he was very popular as a teen god, as a mortal Zeus is just like everyone else, subject to humiliation - and also, as Hades learns from the Fates, death. In an attempt to be rid of Zeus once and for all, he sends his troublesome dog Cerberus after Zeus while he's still mortal. Zeus gains his godhood back and defeats Hades, but learns a valuable lesson about how hard it is being mortal - though not before getting back at Adonis.

Zeus made several appearances in "House of Mouse". One notable episode is "Unplugged Club" where Pete cuts the club power so Zeus uses his lightining bolts for power. Another is "Pete's House of Villains" in which Zeus' thunder was stolen

In "Justice League" Felix Faust overthrew Hades, threatening the balance between order and chaos. To prevent this, Zeus decreed that Wonder Woman was to go to Tartarus, defeat Faust, and restore Hades. A deluded imposter named Maximillian Zeus impersonates him

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