Tiffany Case
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Biography for
Tiffany Case (Character)
from Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

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Tiffany Case is the Bond girl in "Diamonds Are Forever".

A brash, American redhead, Tiffany is a diamond smuggler living in Amsterdam. She was named after the famous jewelery store, as her mother gave birth to her there while shopping for a wedding ring.

The smuggling ring Tiffany is part of is supplying Ernst Stavro Blofeld with the diamonds he needs for his killer laser satellite, although she is entirely unaware of this - she has no idea who they are smuggling the diamonds for. Similarly, she has never heard of Blofeld himself, and knows nothing about why he wants the diamonds.

Bond first meets her when he infiltrates the smuggling ring posing as Peter Franks, one of Tiffany's cohorts. Tiffany finds herself caught up in the ensuing adventure, and narrowly escapes being killed when Blofeld's goons murder good-time-girl Plenty O'Toole after mistaking her for Tiffany. Realising that she's now involved in something much bigger than just a smuggling racket (and that Bond is actually Bond, and not Peter Franks), Tiffany switches sides, helping Bond defeat Blofeld.

Tiffany is initially presented as tough and opportunistic, brusquely turning down Bond's initial romantic advances and admonishing him when he is surprised at the amount of diamonds they have to get into the US. While she eventually succumbs to Bonds charms and decides that her loyalties lie with him and the rest of the good guys - even when she is being held by Blofeld and it seems that his scheme will go ahead she only pretends to agree to side with him - at the end of the film it seems that her adventures with Bond have done little to quell her more larcenous instincts. Indeed, her final line (also the last line of the film) is a question to Bond as to how they might retrieve the diamonds from space.

She does not appear in any other films in the series.

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