Ernst Stavro Blofeld
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Biography for
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Character)
from You Only Live Twice (1967)

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Ernst Stavro Blofeld (alias: Number 1, Comte Balthazar de Bleuville, Dr. Guntram Shatterhand, Franz Oberhauser) is James Bond's greatest nemesis. A terrorist mastermind who is in pursuit of obtaining power in hopes to take the world and change the face of history. He is the founder and leader of the infamous underground terrorist organization, SPECTRE, the Special Executive for Counterintelligience, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion. The worldwide criminal organization has been behind the events of three of the original Ian Fleming Bond novels and the Bond films including, "Dr. No", "From Russia With Love", "Thunderball", "You Only Live Twice", "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", and "Diamonds Are Forever".

According to the novel, Thunderball, Blofeld was born in May 28, 1908 (the same date to Ian Fleming's birthday) to a Polish father and Greek mother in Gdynia. During his time of education, he entered the University of Warsaw and studied political history and economics, then further education to the Warsaw Technical Institute where he studied engineering and radionics. By the age of twenty-five he took upon a position at Polish Ministry of Posts and Telegraph, to which to his advantage that he trade, bought, and sold trades at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It was during his prime and foreseeing the Second World War he assembled and sold stolen copied allied files to Nazi Germany, but it wasn't long before the invasion of Poland that Blofeld then destroyed all records of his existence before moving to Turkey, and worked at the radio while also setting up an intelligence organization. During the Second World War, Blofeld sold both information to both sides, before deciding to back the allied forces to which he among received numerous awards and honor medals for his efforts. After the war, Blofeld then moved to South America and was able to re-use his identity, before initiating SPECTRE.

In the films, however in contrast to the novels, Blofeld's organization first crossed paths with Bond when, investigating the murder of a chief of section in the Caribbean islands, Bond discovered Dr. No and his island fortress, from which he interfered with the guidance systems of the United States missiles using a nuclear powered radio transmitter. Blofeld is not seen in this film, but Dr. No states his membership in SPECTRE and even briefly considers whether Bond is worthy of an invitation to join their organization. However, the attempt failed which resulted in the death of Dr. No and SPECTRE's Caribbean sector.

A year after the events, SPECTRE's Number 5, Kronsteen, devised a complex plan to steal a Lektor decoder from the Russians and destroy Bond's personal and professional reputation in one move in hopes to avenge the death of Dr. No. The plan failed when Bond suborned a Russian agent used by SPECTRE as a pawn; for his failure, Blofeld had Kronsteen killed, and had force SPECTRE's Number 3, Rosa Klebb to kill Bond face-to-face and take back the Lektor. Klebb failed on fulfilling the task after getting shot and killed with her encounterment with Bond.

SPECTRE returned when its Number 2, Emilio Largo, successfully implemented a plan to steal a pair of nuclear warheads from a NATO plane by murdering the crew and forcing the plane to ditch, then using his yacht the Disco Volante to retrieve the weapons. Bond eventually recovered the devices, foiling SPECTRE's plan to collect a ransom. Largo and a number of key SPECTRE personnel died, further crippling the organization.

Two years later, Blofeld supervised a plan that used a space vehicle capable of entering orbit and effecting a controlled landing. He ran all of this from an enormous base constructed within the caldera of an extinct volcano, with the goal of causing the two superpowers (the USA and the USSR) to war upon each other, creating an opportunity for his mysterious sponsor (implied to be China) to assume a leadership role in the world that followed, in hopes to achieve his world domination. Blofeld's plan failed yet again by the hands of James Bond.

Two years later, Blofeld and a team of biologists and biochemists set up a germ warfare laboratory in the Swiss Alps. With the help of a prominent gangster, Marc Ange Draco, Bond discovered Blofeld's laboratory, and learned that SPECTRE had devised a virus that could effectively sterilize any food crop. Blofeld intended to release this virus using hypnotically controlled women unless the world community granted him certain concessions: a noble's title and unconditional amnesty for past crimes. Draco's Union Corse helped destroy the laboratory and with the names of the women, MI6 could intercept them and confiscate the biowarfare agent they unwittingly carried. With his laboratory destroyed, Blofeld was relentlessly chased by Bond only to escaped, with a broken neck. At the time of his searching for Blofeld, Bond met and eventually married Draco's daughter Tracy - the only woman he ever loved enough to marry. En route to their honeymoon, a large Mercedes passed them, Blofeld directed orders to his henchwoman Irma Bunt to use a machine gun and perform a drive-by to Bond and Tracy on the day of their wedding. While Bunt missed Bond, Tracy was killed in the forehead, settling an even score between Bond and Blofeld at that point.

Bond pursued Blofeld relentlessly around the world and to the exclusion of other assignments, finally finding and killing him at once. Assigned to track a group of clever diamond smugglers, Bond eventually discovers that Blofeld did not die - he'd had men of similar size and shape surgically altered into duplicates. Blofeld used the smuggled diamonds, the expertise of Doctor Metz and the resources of reclusive billionaire Willard Whyte (whom he kept on ice) to construct an enormously powerful space-based laser satellite with which to hold the world for ransom. Bond finally captures (and seriously injures) Blofeld by seizing control of his mini-sub escape craft and using it to destroy the satellite control room with him in it.

The coda to Blofeld's appearance occurs in the pre-credits sequence to "For Your Eyes Only." Crippled and confined to a wheelchair following the abuses he's suffered at Bond's hands, he attempts to take control of the helicopter Bond was riding. Bond managed to disengage Blofeld's remote control receiver, and then used the helicopter to pick up Blofeld in his wheelchair, and drop him (presumably to his death) down a smokestack, thus putting an end to his most ambitious rival of all.

His physical stature is frequently changing, due to his obsession with changing identities. In the novels, he was described as once a bodybuilder to which became nothing but fat towards his later years, even though he was still described as a tall, heavy man with a crew cut and dark pool eyes, his appearance changes however in his next two appearances where he lost weight, but his hair has turned long and silvery and has a repaired nose followed by a gold-capped tooth, and then lastly a bushy black moustache. In the films, he is always seen petting a white Persian cat but other physical traits, such as a scar over one eye, have been changed surgically by removal of that to cutting his earlobes, or surgically having gray hair.

Blofeld's tolerance of setback was notoriously short, and he frequently demonstrated displeasure with the failures of subordinates by murdering them, often using misdirection and sometimes using painful and unusual methods to carry out these executions, such as electrocuting a subordinate caught embezzling funds from SPECTRE just before the organization's "Thunderball" operation or collapsing a pathway beneath the feet of operative Helga Brandt so she would fall into a pool and devoured alive by a swarm of pirannha.

Consistently, to what event leads Bond straight to Blofeld or to his organization is usually met with Bond suceeding in disrupting or foiling Blofeld's plan, only for Blofeld to be frustrated after and prove he's hard to kill when confronting Bond. Frequently, escaping fatal situations of one sort or another, only to return and bedevil Bond years later in hopes to even out a settling score between the two of them. With the count of three appearances, plus two mentions in the novels and five film appearances (two of which he played a minor role) followed by an uncredited cameo, Ernst Stavro Blofeld remains to be James Bond's greatest, most dangerous, and pursuing nemesis of all time.

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