Martian Manhunter
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Biography for
Martian Manhunter (Character)
from "Justice League" (2001)

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The Martian Manhunter is J'onn J'onnzz.

The Martian Manhunter is the last surviving alien from the planet Mars who now acts as an Intergalactic Law Enforcer trapping and imprisoning criminals from the 28 known galaxies.

He has super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, invisibility and phasing powers.

He is addicted to Oreo cookies.

His weakness is fire.

He is a member of the superhero group the Justice League.

In Latin America, he is called "Detective Marciano" ("martian detective").

Born on the planet Mars, his real name is J'onn J'onzz using the alias Martian Manhunter for his job as an Intergalactic Law Enforcer.

When the Martian civilization was destroyed, he fled Mars and came to Earth which was the neighboring planet and lived there in secret shape shifting into human form using the name "John Jones" as an alias and merging into society.

He was a friend of Jor-El, and was there whenever Jor-El needed him. As a bounty hunter he helped hunt down and imprison many Zoners including Bizarro. He was responsible for forcing Zor-El's family into exile from the House of El after Zor-El attempted to assassinate Jor-El because he was in-love with Lara and wanted her to himself.

Before Krypton's destruction, Jor-El asked the Martian Manhunter to watch over his son, Kal-El, but from a distance knowing the Martian now lives and resides on earth; this means that the Martian Manhunter was there all along, ever since Kal-El first landed on Earth.

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