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Biography for
Elrond (Character)
from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

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By the beginning of Frodo's journey, Elrond had lived in Middle-Earth for approximately 6,500 years. He is the immortal founder and master of Imladris (Rivendell), husband of Celebrian, father to Arwen, son-in-law to Galadriel, and brother of Elros (an ancient ancestor to Aragorn). Though he is called half-elven, he is descended in some form or another from all three of the great elven houses and even from the divine Maiar themselves. Because of the merits of his father, Earendil, all that follow in his bloodline may choose between mortality and eternity (which eventually leads to the undying lands in the west). Among the most powerful and wisest of the elves, he is the bearer of Vilya, the ring of the Wind, made by Celebrimbor in the second age. He has fought evil in Middle-Earth through many ages since as a member of the White Council, in the War of Wrath, the War of the Last Alliance, and in the War of the Ring. He aided Bilbo and his company of Dwarves along their quest to the lonely mountain and guided the creation of the Fellowship of the Ring in his determination to rectify the ancient mistake of allowing Isildur to leave the fires of Mount Doom with the One Ring intact. His gifts of wisdom and prescience shape his influence, both among the elves and as a force for good. He protected, raised, and encouraged Aragorn and Arwen, and reforged the shards of Narsil. These actions give him a prominent role in the Return of the King, the destruction of Sauron, and the beginning of the fourth age of Middle-Earth before sailing to the undying lands.

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