How is IMDb for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch different than the regular IMDb website?
The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch versions of IMDb have access to all 2 million movie and TV title pages as well as 4 million industry professionals and celebrities. We offer our most popular data items including: quotes, trivia, plot summaries, synopsis, filming locations, soundtracks, birth dates and celebrity mini bios. Top specialty pages are also supported such as showtimes, trailers, photos, TV schedules, box office results, IMDb Top 250, MOVIEmeter (most searched titles on IMDb) and STARmeter (most searched celebrities on IMDb). You can also sign in with your IMDb or Facebook account to rate movies and TV shows, manage your Watchlist, create and share title lists, check in and share what you're watching, and set your favorite theaters.

Is the IMDb app available internationally?
The IMDb app is currently available worldwide in all iTunes App stores. App menus are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages.

Is there an IMDb app available for Blackberry, Android or other phone platforms?
Yes, we have an app for Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. Our new mobile site,, offers a fast way to get just the right amount of information on the go from your Blackberry and many more smart phone platforms. Click here to see all IMDb mobile apps.

Is an Internet network connection required to use the IMDb app?
Yes, the IMDb app requires an Internet connection. IMDb data is retrieved from the live IMDb web site. iPhones can retrieve IMDb data over 2G or 3G cellular networks as well as over Wi-Fi local area networks. iPod touch can retrieve IMDb data only over Wi-Fi.

Can I add to my Watchlist from my mobile phone?
Yes, you can add to and view your Watchlist from your iPhone or iPad. You can access your Watchlist from the home page. You can add to your Watchlist from any movie or TV title page on-device. Please make sure you have the latest version installed.

Can I access all of my lists from my mobile phone?
You can now see and manage any list of Titles (movies, TV shows, TV episodes) from your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch. For users who previously had IMDb My Movies lists (created from the IMDb web site), you can also access any of these lists via the IMDb app. To see or create lists, look for the Your Lists option on the home page. Note: lists of People, Characters, Images and Videos are not yet supported.

Can I sort or re-order the items on my Watchlist from my mobile phone?
Yes. You can sort your Watchlist and custom lists by A-to-Z, Ratings or your personal order. To see sort options, simply pull down on your Watchlist or custom list.

How do I specify my favorite theaters when using IMDb showtimes?
By default, your location will be automatically determined when you start-up IMDb. To set your favorite theaters, just tap the red heart icon next to any theater name. You can also provide a postal code manually. To provide a postal code manually:

  1. Start up IMDb on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  2. Make sure you are on the home screen by clicking the "IMDb" logo in the upper right hand part of the screen.
  3. On the home screen, click the Showtimes button.
  4. Click the "location" field.
  5. Select your country and enter your postal code. Make sure the current location option is switched to "off."
  6. Click the back button and return to the main Showtimes screen. The "location" field should read the postal code you typed in.

Can I access the IMDb Message Boards?
Yes, you can now access the general Message Boards, as well as Message Boards for movies, TV shows, and people. You'll find a link to the general Message Boards on the homepage of the app. And on any detail page, just scroll down to the "Community" section. Anybody can read the boards. To start a new topic or post a reply, you must be signed in and authenticated. You can also ignore users and submit abuse reports as necessary. We do not yet support the editing of posts, or your user profile page.

I prefer either Portrait or Landscape orientation. Can I save one or the other?
On the iPhone, we require both Portrait orientations for all views except watching trailers and viewing photos. On the iPad you may select your preferred orientation by using the screen lock button next to the volume button on the side of the device.

Can I submit data to IMDb from the dedicated iPhone, iPad or mobile web applications?
It is not yet possible to submit data directly through IMDb mobile applications. However, by clicking the "view on" option within the iPhone or iPad apps, or the "desktop" option on the mobile website version (, you may submit information through our standard submissions interface. All name/title pages on the site feature an "Update/Edit Page" button at the bottom. You need to click on it and follow the instructions to add data or to correct existing data. To post resume or photo information, you must use the site.

Will my personalization settings from the display in IMDb mobile applications?
By signing into IMDb mobile applications, your ratings, Watchlist and custom lists activity within app will display on the website. Note, there may be a delay of 10-60 minutes for activity made within the IMDb app to display on the IMDb website. Writing user reviews is not yet supported in IMDb mobile apps.