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The IMDb app is supported on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

IMDb is the world's largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity information. Watch the latest trailers, get showtimes near you, rate movies, check out photos, get US TV listings, explore popular charts and share info about your favorite movies & TV shows.

We aim to list every detail about every movie and TV show ever made, including who was in it, who made it, the plot, user ratings, critic reviews, trailers, stills, quotes, goofs, trivia and much more.

What's New in Version 4.5

  • We've finally added Technical Details and Box Office data to our movie pages!
  • Do you have interesting trivia to add to a movie or TV show? Is there an obscure film you love that lacks a plot? Now you can submit both directly from the app!
  • Visual updates to title and name pages, and a quick way to jump into photo galleries and trailers.
  • Looking for something to watch after you get home from work? Showtimes now gives you an easy way to switch between commonly-used places.
  • Showtimes now uses 24-hour time or AM/PM, depending on your preference.
  • Top 250 Movies and Trending Movie lists now have icons that show ways to watch.

We’ve addressed a bunch of ad related bugs. You should no longer see full-screen expanding ads more than once per day, and ads should be better behaved (no covering up the search bar, blank screens or crashes after closing). We're very sorry for any inconvenience this caused.

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With the IMDb App, you can:

Search the world's largest collection:

  • Over 2 million movie and TV titles
  • Over 4 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and other crew members

Look up:

  • Showtimes and tickets at theaters near you (ticketing only available for US customers)
  • TV listings for your local time zone
  • TV Recaps
  • Upcoming movies and trailers
  • Latest entertainment news from hundreds of media outlets


  • Rate movies and TV shows
  • Set your favorite theaters
  • Manage your Watchlist
  • Create and share custom lists
  • Get notifications about the latest news, trailers, photos, and movie showtimes
  • Sign in with your IMDb account or your Facebook account

Explore popular charts:

  • Best Picture Winners
  • IMDb Top 250 and Bottom 100
  • MOVIEmeter and STARmeter
  • Most popular movies listed by genre (Action, Horror, Comedy & more)
  • Most popular TV shows
  • US Box office results
  • Celebrity birthdays

Check out:

  • User ratings, reviews, parents guide
  • Metascore and critic reviews
  • Quotes, trivia and goofs
  • Photos, movie posters, and stills
  • DVD/Blu-ray from Amazon Mobile Shopping