IMDb App for Android: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is IMDb for Android different than the regular IMDb website?
    IMDb Movies & TV app for Android gives you access to all two million movie and TV title pages as well as four million celebrity and industry professional pages. We offer our most popular data including: quotes, trivia, plot summaries, synopsis, birth dates and celebrity mini-bios. Top specialty pages are also supported such as showtimes, trailers, photos, TV network schedules, TV show recaps, box office results, IMDb Top 250 movies of all time, MOVIEmeter (most searched titles on IMDb) and STARmeter (most searched celebrities on IMDb).
  • What are the device and system requirements?
    The app is supported on any device which is running Android 1.6 or above.
  • Where can I get IMDb Movies & TV for Android? Is it free?
    The IMDb app is free. Visit the Android marketplace on your device and search for "IMDb". Select and install the application titled "IMDb Movies & TV" that is published by IMDb, Inc.
  • Is the IMDb app available internationally?
    Yes, IMDb Movies & TV for Android is currently available worldwide. It is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.
  • Can I move the app to my SD card?
    Yes. You can move the app to your SD card by going to the Settings screen. Click on Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > IMDb Movies & TV and then click on "Move to SD card".
  • Can I add to my Watchlist from my mobile phone?
    You can add to and view your Watchlist from your Android phone. To do this, you’ll need the most recent version of the IMDb App.
  • How do I install a widget?
    After installing the latest version of the IMDb app (v 2.0), you can install the IMDb widget on your Android device. On the home screen of your Android device, do a "long press", click "widgets" on the message box and then select IMDb.
  • Which intents are supported by the IMDb app?
    Application developers can link directly to a page on the Android app by calling an intent. In version 2.0 of IMDb Movies & TV and above, we have published intents to the search page, title page (i.e. movie’s or TV show’s title page) and name page (i.e. any person's page) on IMDb.
  • Is there an IMDb app available for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone or other phone platforms?
    Yes, we have an app for iPhone and Windows Phone 7 devices. Our new mobile site,, offers a fast way to get just the right amount of information on the go from your Blackberry and many more smart phone platforms.
  • Is an Internet network connection required to use the IMDb app?
    IMDb apps require an Internet connection. IMDb data is retrieved from the live IMDb web site. The app can retrieve IMDb data over 2G or 3G cellular networks as well as over Wi-Fi local area networks.
  • My data looks stale. It hasn't changed for several days.
    IMDb Movies & TV app saves your most recent page visits on the device for approximately one hour to allow fast loading (such as when accessing "Coming Soon" and "MovieMeter" lists). If you believe data is stale you can force a refresh by doing the following:
    1. Open the Options menu from your home screen.
    2. Click the "Settings" button.
    3. Click on "Applications."
    4. Click on "Manage Applications."
    5. Select "IMDb" from the list.
    6. Click on the "Clear cache" button.
PermissionWhy it is Required
Network Communication:
Full Internet Access

Allows an application to create network sockets.
The IMDb app requires internet access in order to load information and ensure that the app contains up-to-date content.
Your Location:
Coarse (Network-based) Location

Access coarse location sources such as the cellular network database to determine an approximate device location, where available. Malicious applications can use this to determine approximately where you are.
The IMDb app's showtimes feature has the ability to display movie showtimes customized to your area. Determining your approximate location helps the application to display movie showtimes at theaters near you.
System Tools:
Prevent Device from Sleeping

Allows an application to prevent the device from going to sleep.
In version 2.4 of the IMDb app, we added notifications (for Android versions greater than 2.2) so that users can receive updates on topics they identify as important to them. The app must have the ability to wake the device in order for notifications to be delivered.
Hardware Controls:
Control Vibrator

Allows the application to control the vibrator.
In version 2.4, we added notifications (for Android versions greater than 2.2). We added this permission so that users could choose whether or not to have their device vibrate upon receipt of a notification.
Network Communication:
View Network State

Allows an application to view the state of all networks.
Because the app requires access to a network, it needs to know whether you currently have network access. If network access is not available, it will notify you.