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Advertising Get more information about advertising and promotional opportunities on our site
Android App Every movie, TV show and celebrity in your pocket
Apps See our section that includes information on IMDb apps for iPhone, Android and more.
Awards Nominees and winners for hundreds of awards (i.e. Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes) and festivals (i.e. Sundance, Cannes)

Birthdays Who was born on your birthday?
Bottom 100 The 100 lowest rated movies according to our users
Box Office (Basic) Weekly winners at the U.S. and U.K. box office... and more
Box Office (Expanded) Detailed daily and weekly stats for U.S. and international markets at IMDbPro.
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Box Office Mojo Our partner site, delivering detailed box office numbers from the U.S. and international markets

Calendar Release calendar for movies worldwide
Coming Soon Coming Soon to a theater near you
Contributor Zone Useful tools for people contributing data
Countries View lists and other information about titles produced or co-produced by countries around the world.

DVD and Blu-ray See the newest DVD and Blu-ray releases each week.

Editors' Spotlight A page spotlighting the original editorial content created in special sections throughout the year.
Emmy Awards Our coverage of the primetime Emmy nominations and award show.

Facebook - IMDb IMDb's main Facebook page, used to share the major entertainment news stories, photos, trailers of the day
Facebook - IMDbLive IMDb's Facebook page used for frequent updates direct from live events such as awards shows, film festivals, etc.
Facebook - IMDbTV IMDb's Facebook page used for specific updates about all that's happening in the world of television
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions ... and their answers
Feedback Send us feedback

Genres Love westerns? Comedies? Film noir? Click on the genre links to go to the biggest and best collection of films sorted by their type.

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In Theaters Showtimes and Tickets for movies that are in theaters now

Jobs at IMDb We love what we do and are looking for passionate, smart people to share our vision and make it a reality!

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Languages Find titles (features, documentaries, TV-series, etc.) with dialogue in a given language.
Lists Create and share lists using our titles, names, character and images.
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Message Boards Discuss movies, TV and other entertainment related topics with other IMDb users
Mobile Site A streamlined version of our site designed for use on mobile devices.

News Top news from the entertainment industry
Coming Soon What's coming to theaters and what's filling up the seats across the US

Oscars Nominees and winners from 1929-today.
Also, see our Road to the Oscars section.

Polls IMDb has movie, TV and celebrity polls.
Profile Page Visit your own profile page.
Poster Services Add the posters and/or stills for your film to the IMDb. *This service is not intended for photo or resume additions for people; please use Resume Services instead.
Press Room A place to find IMDb press releases, publicity team contact information, and more.
Privacy Policy Our privacy policy.
Processing Times Current processing times for newly submitted data, updated at least weekly

Quizzes: Movies & TV Take a movie quiz or television quiz on thousands of your favorite celebrities, movie & tv titles, and specialty lists.

Random Name Go to a random popular name
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Resume Services Add your resume and/or photos to the IMDbPro.
Search - Advanced Compose detailed search queries.
Search - Help Tips for refining your searches on the site
Search - Name Compose advanced searches involving names.
Search - Title Compose advanced searches involving titles.
Showtimes & Tickets Movie showtimes in the United States
Statistics Statistical breakdown of IMDb data
Submissions Guidelines for submitting data to the IMDb

Terms & Conditions - Boards Message Boards usage terms and conditions
Terms & Conditions - IMDb.com IMDb.com copyright and conditions of use
TV See our IMDbTV section for all of television's latest videos, images, news, schedules and more, including our IMDbTV blog.
TV Listings The top 250 movies as determined by user votes
Top 250 The top 250 movies as determined by user votes
Trailers Watch trailers for upcoming and recent releases.
Twitter - @IMDb Our main Twitter account, covering the latest and biggest movie and TV news, trailers, photos and more.
Twitter - @IMDbLive Our Twitter account used for covering events live and on-the-scene, like Comic-Con, Sundance, the Oscars and more.
Twitter - @IMDbTV Our Twitter account used for covering all things TV - latest news, photos, episode recaps and more.

Video A page spotlighting the latest trailers, episodes, clips, featurettes and more

Watchlist Keep track of all of the movies and TV shows you want to watch.
Watch Now on Amazon Instant Video A list of all the newest full-length movies and TV episodes that you can view right now on Amazon Instant Video.
What To Watch IMDb presents movies and TV shows that we think our users will love.
Withoutabox Our partner site that offers filmmakers a worldwide audience for films and provides a complete online management system for festivals.

Year Browse lists of movies by year from 1888 to 2020

20th Anniversary: IMDb20 A section celebrating IMDb's 20th anniversary on October 17th, 2010

X-Ray for Movies & TV Learn about X-Ray for Movies & TV, powered by IMDb.