IMDb presents a fun new tool for finding and discovering film and television titles within our large catalog. MoKA lets you find titles that have a particular keyword and then presents a tally of all keywords from the titles that matched your initial keyword set.

If you narrow it too far, you can easily remove any of the keywords to widen the search again and then optionally narrow it down using another keyword.

Using MoKA

You can either search for a keyword, pick from one of our example starting points, or browse all keywords by letter:
Pick your own keyword:
Can You Guess These Films? (there may be more than one answer!)
Example thriller film starting points:

Browse All Keywords

By Letter:

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Games to play with MoKA

  • Start with a theme/keyword you like, then add new themes to narrow in on a title you'd like to see
  • Randomly click on a few keywords (but deliberately avoid seeing what you clicked on) and see if you can guess the common theme/keywords
  • What's the longest string of keywords that leads to a single title?
  • Find accurate, yet unexpected results
  • Find the oldest/newest/shortest/longest film for a particular set of keywords
  • Quiz your film buff friends by seeing if they can identify a title by just the keywords
  • Most importantly, help us improve IMDb by adding/updating/editing/deleting keywords from our database!