Exclusive: Norman Reedus Teases "The Walking Dead" Season 6

Not every actor could keep his cool enough to handle a cell phone chat with IMDb while zooming through the streets of Manhattan in a police van, surrounded by New York's finest, as the sirens wail. But keeping cool is what "The Walking Dead"" star Norman Reedus specializes in.

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After her critically acclaimed turn in A24’s “Room,” Brie Larson is slowly becoming one of the more popular talents in town and now Lionsgate is hoping she chooses their film as her next project. Sources tell Variety Larson is in early talks to star in the studio’s adaptation of “Glass Castle.” ... See more »

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Indie Focus: '8 Days' - Exclusive Clip

Inspired by actual events, 8 Days follows 16-year-old Amber Stevens who goes missing after sneaking to a party with her friends. Forced into the world of sex trafficking, her family and community fight to get her back. 8 Days will debut on Amazon Video on October 13th.

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The team frequently issues BOLOs for people - this stands for "Be On Look Out".

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Poll: 25 Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Villains


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Which villain in the 25 Most popular Sci Fi/Fantasy movies on IMDb that premiered 25 years ago is the most evil? Discuss here after voting.

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