On TV: Renewed, Cancelled & On the Bubble

Have your favorite broadcast TV series been picked up for another season? If not, will they back? Read our take on the shows that are perched on the bubble between another season and cancellation.

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Our last glimpse of Jon Stewart helming the satirical news coverage at the Daily Show will be August 6 (if that feels too soon, it's because it is). Stewart unveiled the date of his final Daily Show broadcast during Monday night's show. He avoided boos and other sad noises by joking about what he's... See more »

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Modern Family

While still living in her native Colombia, Sofía Vergara used to watch the Spanish-dubbed version of Married with Children (1987) featuring her co-star-to-be Ed O'Neill. After she landed the role as Ed's wife Gloria on Modern Family, she was disappointed to learn that Ed spoke no Spanish.

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