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By Grabthar’s hammer, Amazon Studios has signed on to develop a TV series based on “Galaxy Quest.” The 1999 sci-fi movie starred Tim AllenSigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman as actors who once appeared on a “Star Trek”-like TV series — so convincingly, in fact, that the aliens who later abduct ... See more »

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Indie Focus: 'Ashby' - Exclusive Photos

Nat Wolff stars as Ed Wallis, a high school student who develops a friendship with his neighbor, Ashby (Mickey Rourke), a retired CIA assassin who only has a few months left to live. Check out eight exclusive new photos from the film.

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What's New on Amazon Instant Video

Breakout theatrical successes such as The Age of Adaline and Love & Mercy are now available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, and there are plenty of new releases like Digging for Fire, too.

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Poll: Tim Burton Lead Character


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Which of these Tim Burton lead characters is your favorite? Discuss here after voting.

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