IMDb Picks: Our Childhood Fears

IMDb Picks: Our Childhood Fears IMDb Picks: Our Childhood Fears

To celebrate Halloween, IMDb staff members recall some of their deepest childhood fears that were glimpsed on TV or at the movies. Cujo? Get away, evil dog! Poltergeist? Clowns are the devil's creation! The Truman Show? Don't make fun of us!


Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Nightcrawler” came to life with $515,000 at 2,766 locations in pre-Halloween Thursday night screenings in the U.S. Distributors began showings at 7 p.m. With trick-or-treating and celebrations taking place Friday, the weekend’s ticket sales are expected to be mild. See more »


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Stephen Colbert will officially sign off from Colbert Report on Thursday, Dec. 18, he announced during Thursday's broadcast. "Stephen Colbert, the guy you've seen here for every night for nine years will be gone. All you'll have left of me is this book," he said, holding up his book America Again: See more »


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Chelsea Handler's putting it all out there. The comedian and former Chelsea Lately host recently posted a revealing picture of herself on Instagram - and then accused the photo-sharing service of sexism after it pulled the image down. In the photo, Chandler is seated topless on a horse, See more »


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