George Clooney, Cast Let Loose With the Coen Brothers

What happens when George Clooney, Channing Tatum, Josh Brolin, and the Coen Brothers get together? A lot of fun! Watch our chat with the stars of Hail, Caesar! and learn about what it's like to go off script with the famed directors and how they love for George to get a good slap to the face!

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"X-Files": The 13 Most Surprising Guest Stars

From Burt Reynolds to Ryan Reynolds, take a look at some of the biggest names who've guest-starred on "The X-Files."

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You can't keep old TV series from being warmed over like last week's roast quite like Hollywood can, and once again, they are trying to make "MacGyver" happen. Twice over. Earlier this week, Deadline reported that CBS ordered a pilot for a new "MacGyver" TV show, one that would focus on the ... See more »

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TV Premieres: What's On in February

Plan your binge-watching and DVRing accordingly with our exhaustive list of new and returning TV shows due out this month.

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Athletes Who Became Screen Stars

We're taking a look at some famous former athletes who transitioned successfully to movie and television careers.

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New Releases on Amazon Video

Here's our list of the newest releases available to watch now on Amazon Video, including Sicario, Bridge of Spies, and The Intern.

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Furious 7

This is the first film in the franchise to feature an Oscar-nominated actor. Djimon Hounsou has been nominated twice, both for Best Supporting Actor, in 2003 for In America (2002) and Blood Diamond (2006).

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