Fan IQ: How Well Do You Know "Stranger Things"?

Think you're an expert on the Upside Down? Test your knowledge of the Emmy-nominated fantasy horror series and its cast.

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38 Cosplay Mashups We Love

From a samurai Spider-Man to a Snow White Walker, check out these cosplay mashups.

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Felicity Jones Through the Years

Celebrate Felicity Jones' birthday with a closer look at the IMDb fan favorite's career.

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Devils We Love

From the demonic and the comedic to the downright scary, celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Devil's Advocate with a look at the many on-screen incarnations of the Prince of Darkness.

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Filming has wrapped on the fraught production of Lucasfilm‘s Han Solo spinoff movie, which saw Phil Lord and Chris Miller packing up their things and leave during shooting. Ron Howard came in, bringing a veteran, reassuring hand behind the camera, and a pleasant and engaging social media presence.... See more »

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Indie Horror Movies You May Not Have Seen

Just in time for Halloween, here are some of our favorite indie horror movies to add to your Watchlist. How many have you seen? For more, see our Guide to Horror.

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Poll: Highest-Grossing R-Rated Horror Films


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