And the Independent Spirit Award Nominees Are ...

Nominations for the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards were announced Tuesday, with Carol leading the pack with six nominations, followed by five each for Beasts of No Nation and Spotlight. Visit our Awards Central section for the full list of nominations.

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Indie Focus: Unusual Romance in 'Touched With Fire'

Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby star as two manic depressives who meet in a psychiatric hospital and begin a romance.

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The Good Dinosaur

This film was originally directed by Bob Peterson and set for release on May 30, 2014, but Peterson had trouble getting the third act right, so he was taken off the film and it was pushed back to November 25, 2015, the intended release date of Finding Dory (2016), in order to give it more time; Finding Dory (2016) was then pushed back to June 17, 2016. Peterson has since gone on to do a different film for Pixar while Denise Ream replaced John Walker as producer, and, on October 21, 2014, Peter Sohn was officially named the new director. The story was then reworked, and some major changes included scrapping the idea of dinosaurs being farmers and adding the concept of nature itself being the main antagonist.

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